Ah shit I’m doing it again

•February 19, 2010 • 6 Comments

Well, I haven’t posted anything in ages again.

As always, I’ll get back into the swing of things at some point, and probably just power typeset while I’m able. Considering the amount of time I spend not doing anything when I get in a non-manga-typesetting mood it would be worth the extra few hours to typeset more chapters when I can.


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Been distracted the last couple days, will get back to releasing soon, sorry for the wait.


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Here’s chapter 112.


Anyone play Face of Mankind? I’m an FDC, add me, IGN is Hinokai.

Moar Chapter

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Here chapter 111.


On a side note, I feel incredibly apathetic towards making wordpress posts.

Better than not wanting to typeset I guess.

Blah blah blah

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Start of Volume 11, chapter 110. Enjoy.



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Today I’m just gonna clean some chapters and take it easy.

Be back tomorrow.

Getting back on track

•January 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

As promised, I’m power typesetting today. I’m a little over 2 hours in and heres chapters 103 and 104.


I’ll edit more into this post as I go. Watch mangaupdates or this post.

UPDATE 1 – Chapter 105, hot off the photoshop.


UPDATE 2 – Chapter 106, following close behind.


Currently making some chocolate cupcakes for afternoon tea. It;s 4:40pm and I have hours ahead of me. Look forward to more!

UPDATE 3 – After making cupcakes and waiting for them to cook, I ran into some trouble when I discovered Baka Tsuki got hit with a C&D so I had to go scavenge their translations, and then chapter 107 was a bit of a bitch.

It’s now 7:13, but don’t fret, I won’t stop until I complete Volume 10 minimum ( I don’t sleep until the AMs anyway).


Keep your eyes to the sky!

UPDATE 4 – And I thought 107 was bad!. Shit this one was annoying. Chapter 108, away!


More will follow in a little while, gonna take a short break.


Tiniest bubbles I’ve seen so far, so forgive me if the quality isn’t too great. It’s really hard to deal with itty bitty bubbles.

This is the end of volume 10, so I’m taking another break. I might TS another chapter in a little while, but no guarantee.


Also, sorry to those Mangaupdates mods who have to keep editing in my releases.